Bye bye slow data collection, hello fast insight generation!

Dashhound®️ makes it easy to collect the data you need from anyone with auto-generation of meaningful real-time visual story dashboards

Stop information overload when requesting information via email with co-workers and clients, and the manual tedious creation of out of date reports! Stop using long, clunky survey tools to gather feedback from clients and employees, and get Dashhound®️ the easy, fast, and visual way to gather the important stuff.

Realtime dashboards

Create on-the-fly dashboards for every different data gathering & reporting scenario you need.  Using our templates or creating your own, makes it as fast as composing an email.

  • Adjustable colour coding presents your insights in the universal business reporting language of RAG (Red-Amber-Green)
  • Share results via mobile responsive ScoreCards, enabling in context real-time commentary

Stop survey fatigue

Dashhound's single-page mobile responsive request forms are optimised for smartphone, tablet, and desktop.  

  • Add content blocks using markdown editing to present information nicely formatted
  • Add your questions with fast visual response options like traffic lights, scales, thumbs up/down, and stars. 




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