Gather data faster to create your own stories

Dashhound delivers visual insights through your own questions, so that management can have a whole new discussion about data.  

Unlike campaign based surveys, Dashhound uses on-the-fly, visual communication formats like Traffic Lights, that enable you to meet your personal, team and organisational needs for feedback and micro-reporting.  Gather just the data you need without information overload.


Traffic Light Reporting

It's the instantly recognisable business language.  

Use Red-Amber-Green (RAG) indicators with your own custom labels & icons to quickly get the status & answers you need.

Markdown formatted content blocks enable you to quickly present and gather information in a visually appealing way.


Mobile First

Requests for information are 100% mobile responsive, enabling you to quickly engage with users of smartphone, tablet and desktops.


Private & Social Networks

Gather the data from the people you know privately and securely.  Reach out to your social followers sending requests to twitter @handle identities.

All responses from a direct email, sms or @handle request are recorded individually so you know exactly who said what.

For anonymous scenarios you can generate a short social link to post to your network, blog or website.